ASOS Farleigh Jeans

Let's talk jeans. I went through a phase in my life when I didn't wear them at all - I hated the feel, the fit, I much preferred tights and favoured long tops, dresses and skirts over anything vaguely related to structured legs. Fast-forward a few years, and I can't stop wearing them. I love having a structured base layer to play around with, mixing textures and different fits on top - tucking in leotards, wearing cropped tops, or (my go-to for everyday life) a tied-up shirt for ultimate off-duty chic. 

When I first dipped back into the denim pool, I wore Topshop Joni and Jamie - I loved the feel of jeans that weren't really jeans at all, and they were a good transition for my legs to get used to after years of exclusively wearing super-soft tights. Although I loved the feel, the structure wasn't there in those two styles - and with my style development, I learnt to love structure. 

I heard loads about the ASOS Farleigh on Instagram, and new styles and washes were always popping up on my weekly (it's probably closer to daily) New In browse on ASOS. So I decided to buy some. Enter: The ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans.

I was so surprised by the feel of them - although the finish looks super structured and rigid in static images, they're so comfortable and have a small amount of give to them. I'm sort of short (read: I am short, at 5'3"), and my usual gripe with ripped jeans is that the rips aren't where they should be (like my lower shin, my ankle, the floor). I don't have this problem here - ASOS sell their own-brand jeans in waist size and leg length, so I was able to personalise my order a little. I bought a 26" waist, 30" leg (which equates to a standard UK size 8 with short legs, ie. me), and they're pretty much perfect. I do feel like I could have gone down a waist size as they're a little baggy, but I'm so happy with the fit of the legs that I didn't want to compromise that for the sake of a slightly better waist fit (and if I'm honest, it's rectified in about 30 seconds with a belt).

The wash is beautiful - a light denim with white fading running throughout, making them the perfect transition item through Spring and Summer. The rips give a sense of casual down-time which I love - and I can't wait to play these up for night with some nude stiletto heels. 

They're comparable in price to Topshop - working out slightly cheaper than the average Joni or Jamie at £35.00 (and as I'm still a student, I knocked off 10%, too). They're super high-waisted, comfortable, and give a breath of effortless-chic to any outfit. They're a piece that have totally inspired me, and I can't wait to style them up in the coming weeks. 

What do you think? Have you tried the ASOS Farleigh yet? I'd love to know how you style yours!

Spring Bridal Jewels

It's an exciting time for jewellery enthusiasts and glitter magpies (I definitely fall into both categories). Estella Bartlett have teamed with Halfpenny London to create a luxe wedding edit in time for the Spring bridal season. So far, I've got two weddings lined up this year, and I'm starting to think about collecting gifts in advance - but even if you haven't got anything on the horizon just yet, keep reading - this can definitely benefit you, too.

Kate Halfpenny, designer at Halfpenny London, has chosen an edit of beautiful items to curate her collaborative gift-guide. But there's a twist - some items are now included in a multi-buy scheme, whereby the third item you buy is completely free. (I know, right?)

If you're not already au fait with the brand, Estella Bartlett are synonymous with beauty and elegance, creating delicate pieces with an intrinsically feminine core. So, even if you haven't got a wedding to attend, you can still benefit from this offer as they make exquisite gifts for any occasion (or just as a present to yourself, because I definitely did that last week #noshame). I bought the Amelia Smokey Quartz Bracelet, so here's a review on an item that's included in both gift-guide and multi-buy offer to give you a little hands-on inspo.
The drawstring closure was what drew me to the piece, as it reminded me of Monica Vinader's iconic pieces. Admittedly, I was wary of the longevity of the piece due to the closure - but after handling it in person, there's absolutely no need to hold this reservation. The bracelet feels incredibly well-made and durable, and puts up with being adjusted, taken on and off, and generally wriggled around for about twelve hours every day. I have no qualms with mixing my metals, so it's stacked in beautiful fluidity next to my holy-grail Daisy London Wishbone and Astrid and Miyu Leo bracelets. I love the look of lots of little pieces stacked together to create a wider band, and this bracelet is perfect to slot into the mix and add a little bit of texture.

If you want to shop the entire edit, click here. And if you end up buying anything (as a present for someone else or yourself), let me know either in the comments below or over on my Instagram - I'd love to know what you've got in mind!

Ace Your Base

Let's get back to basics. I've recently had an eye infection (a fact I continually threw at my followers on Instagram with every single post), so I haven't been able to wear eye makeup for a week...and it's been a long week.

During that time, I focused on other areas of my face - I am guilty of being a magpie for glitter and shimmer on my lids, so the rest of my face usually takes a back-seat. But, with my poorly eye, I decided (read: I was forced) to switch things up. I very literally went back to basics, and analysed my base.

I've never worn foundation - I naturally have a good complexion and clear skin the majority of the time, so I can get away with a bit of concealer to hide away my 2am night-owl eyes. I think it's this discipline that's encouraged my skin to stay clear, as it's never been covered in something it doesn't need. But let's talk about what I did use to perfect my base:

I used Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer to tuck my dark circles away, and even out the pigmentation on my eyelids. The compact comes with two shades inside (pink and yellow undertones) making colour-matching a dream. There's also a transparent setting powder to lock everything into place, making it absolutely budge-proof. I warmed up my face using a mix of Solar Power (a two-tone contour compact) and Wonderbronze (a wheel of cream, tan and honey-toned shimmer) on my contour points, bringing my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in a figure-3 on the perimeters of my face.

I brushed my brows through with a little Seventeen Brow's That! Powder using a Laura Geller Angled Brush to shape, and then finished my lips with a glossy red Lip VIP from Sleek Makeup in the shade Walk of Fame, cleaning the edges up with a lip brush.

It created a really crisp, polished look, and balanced my face - it also helped to draw attention to my lips instead of my bedridden right eye *sob*. What do you think of this look? Is it something you would try? I'd love to know your thoughts!

5 Types Of Men You'll Accidentally Date

Dating is an unrivalled experience full of firsts, butterflies and a few never-again moments. Sometimes, we end up dating someone that we later realise was a
bit of an accident. So, get some chalk and let’s tally – how many of these scenarios have you experienced so far?

#1: The (literally) Hopeless Romantic

With this guy, your romantic life is one glorious string of unnatural and pre-planned moments ripped straight from the movies and dumped into the opening credits of your relationship, where your dates are a series of Pinterest-perfect moments and candid snaps that he accidentally caught on camera.

More often than not, you find yourself somehow stood in front of his DSLR as you are pulled into an embrace worthy of a Chanel campaign, just as the light tumbles into golden hour (and then of course the timer just-so-happens to be set for 10 seconds).

Everything looks perfect.

Spontaneity is unknown in this relationship, and his ultimate dream is to have his proposal to you photographed by a love-struck passer-by, and then made viral in a hunt to find the mysterious and romantic gent who planned it all, because doesn’t everyone want a guy like that?

This guy has ideas that come alive on camera, but fail to spark when not filtered with a lens flare. He’s a beautiful mistake, but makes you feel like you’re being directed in a blockbuster instead of actually falling in love.

#2: The Wanderlust Traveller

This is beautiful, poetic; dreamlike and magical, as you meet whilst backpacking on unknown terrains and have your first kiss under feather-like sprays of mist from a waterfall.

By day you stumble upon new vistas and navigate across rivers together; by night you melt marshmallows over a campfire and snuggle beneath a web of sleeping bags and blankets. You have a whirlwind romance at breakneck speed, and vow that you’ll never need anything else in the world as long as you have each other, and commit to travelling the world hand in hand.

Somewhere along the way, he makes you forget about your real life and your commitments back home; your career gently melts away along with your love for social media and everything marble..until ten hours later when you land back home. Reality bites, and the first thing you do is order a low-fat skinny caramel frap with an extra shot from Starbucks, log onto the WiFi and start catching up on what Kim K has been up to in your absence. Your wanderlust starts to ebb away, and soon you’re exchanging emojis with a new Tinder match.

Wanderlust guy isn’t a mistake, he’s just someone who clashes with your lifestyle. Because as much as you enjoy the outdoors and living the natural life, you also really enjoy the four walls of Topshop.

#3: The one that still says “Lol”

This mistake happens shortly after the time your friend says the words “maybe you are just asking for too much”.

You convince yourself that you are prepared to lose the “must have a good grasp of language” attribute and no longer swipe left for the guy who uses the wrong “their” in their Tinder profile (all the while secretly trying to work out how you can slip a casual grammar lesson into conversation).

Ignoring the error, you give him the benefit of the doubt and start chatting. A few minutes in you realise you may have made a horrible mistake as he simply responds with “lol” to the fact that you have a cat named Molly. You trudge on, undeterred with your new carefree conversation attitude. A guy that says “lol” could be endearing.
It could just be his thing

Ten messages later and three more "lol” strikes and you’re out. You reason that it should only be used in irony, and then used sparingly because you are no longer a teenager trying to fill awkward silences on MSN with a crush.

You add the language criteria back to your list, roll up your sleeves and start swiping.

#4: That only-friendly-at-2am Guy

We all have this guy. The one who is part-man-part-owl, who sparks conversations late into the night and somehow has you hooked on his nocturnal attitude.

Over the years you’re still not sure if he has added anything to your life other than the development of bags under your eyes and the need for more concealer and coffee in the morning, but the rebellious teenager in you is transfixed on his mysterious existence and makes you slot your phone to loud as you itch for the inevitable midnight message.

He awakens childlike excitement inside you, and every conversation seems magical – sure, he occasionally makes you miss your morning alarm and you never know how to respond to your friends when they ask who you are texting all the time when out at night, but there is something about him that is totally addictive.

He’s the one you know you should give up. The one you wonder what will happen to when you finally meet someone outside of the realms of his virtual midnight reality.

But for now, he is great (even if he does cut your proposed seven hours of sleep in half).

#5: The ‘Writer’

You know the one. Considers himself the next Shakespeare and showers you with literary gold-dust every waking moment.

A simple “good morning” is not enough to show the level of his love for you, as he talks only in metaphor during the time when you’re desperately trying to work out if it is still night and if your alarm is a cruel mistake.

He’s got a creative soul and considers you his living muse; capturing every breath you take, the way you flick your hair and the shape of your lips to absolute precision. Sure, he’s doting, and makes even the most banal moments seem beautiful, but he’s overbearing and you feel like you have somehow employed a biographer by mistake.

Yes, he writes beautifully and magically, and yes, of course you like reading lovely words about yourself, but deep down you do just want to be able to use hashtags in conversation and reply solely with emoji when you can’t express yourself with actual words.

Maybe you shouldn’t have cast off “lol” guy after all.

Over to you..let me know in the comments which you have experienced, and who I have missed off!

Photo credit: Chris Sardegna @ Unsplash

Spring Trinkets with Estella Bartlett

We've got to hand it to Spring, it really is trying to break through the dull, grey, overcast barrier that is the English sky. If you're native to the UK, you know we can't always rely on the weather to bring us Pinterest-swoon blossom-vibes, but what we can do is let our accessories shine instead. 

A few weeks ago, a sparkling silver jiffy-bag dropped through my door from Estella Bartlett (even the packaging was exciting). I've featured their jewellery on my blog before, with two Christmas gift-guides here and here - I know it's May right now, but it's never too early to start planning, trust me.

Inside the packet was a little bracelet. Here's a video to show the piece in all its' 360-degree glory:

Fastened with a Chinese-knot tie, the bracelet is super easy to put on and take off, and is fully adjustable for any wrist size (Reason #1 why these pieces make excellent presents - they're absolute fool-proof gifting). Gold seed-beads are threaded onto a deep teal cord, finished with the trademark Estella Bartlett cloud charm. In the middle of the bracelet is a pearl, adding a touch of tradition to the ditsy design. 

I love layering my bracelets, and mixing my metals. Right now, my wrist has a bundle from Daisy London, Astrid and Miyu, and Estella Bartlett - in silver, rose gold, and gold respectively - and I love the combination. There really are no rules when it comes to accessorising and you can do whatever you want - colours, textures, metals - and I think it's something that needs to be celebrated.

So, naturally, I'm thinking about I went to the new-in section on Estella Bartlett and fell in love (it's much faster with inanimate objects than it is actual people). I came across the Amelia Smokey Quartz Bracelet:

Amelia Smokey Quartz Bracelet, £18 (see the Amelia range here)

I was drawn to it for two very valid reasons: #1 It's gorgeous, and smokey quartz is one of my favourite stones, #2 My middle name is Amelia. It felt like serendipity, and I am all for taking signs (especially when they involve me gaining jewellery). It's now sitting in my bag ready to be checked-out after this post is published. 

If you like ditsy pieces with a touch of edge, Estella Bartlett is perfect for you. See more of the range here and discover something beautiful. 
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