stop your mouth

stop your mouth
Dirty, Nasty, Mouth –
who are you to say
you’ve been made wrong
(twelve-years, straight fringe, precious girl)
because it “doesn’t make sense
(pretty face, crisp, green eyes)
because “you can’t feel like that
you can’t
you’re wrong, you’re –

but it’s not you, it’s me
it was me
still me –
(green eyes, straight fringe, precious, precious)

cut your mouth
Dirty, Nasty, Mouth – go on
run away from the mad girl and the mad mind
(twenty-five, burnt-out, 24”)
wasted –
too much for you and your little mind
little heart,
little sense –
and you’re scared
coward of the truth

slap shut your mouth
Glazing Mouth –
your words are fat on the air
children don’t think like that”
(a-grade, smiling, precious, precious)
spitting ignorance
(obsessive, pretending, she’s sick and you don’t see)
over the bones you licked clean

Image credit: Verne Ho @ unplash

Stars Align

It's Monday again. 

There's a thick layer of frost hugging on tightly to the cars outside. I am tucked up in bed hugging on tightly to my duvet. I know what is more appealing at 6am.

I recently discovered the brand Astrid and Miyu through ASOS

A London-based brand with beauty at their heart - literally, Astrid and Miyu are both names meaning 'beautiful' in Swedish and Japanese respectively - create edgy yet classic pieces with the aim not to overshadow the wearer.

I adore astrology.

I popped this little Leo Zodiac Bracelet into my basket and it dropped onto my doorstep the next day (ASOS premier delivery is possibly the best £9.95 I have ever spent). The bracelet has a delicate rose gold chain, with a pale peridot stone sitting on the band. 'Leo' is written in cursive and flows elegantly into the chain, sitting flush against the skin.

I have styled this together with a sterling silver Daisy Jewellery wishbone bracelet. I like the mix of metals and the unobtrusive nature of the pieces - my line of work sees me typing frantically at my laptop, so I like to wear pieces that do not interfere and tap the keyboard more than my hands already do.

This Astrid and Miyu piece is currently in the sale on ASOS, and you can pick it up for £15.00.

What pieces are you enjoying styling at the moment? 

Make A Wish

I am currently sat on my bed, surrounded by a twinkling snake of fairy lights and snowflakes, with a tiny Lily Flame candle glowing and throwing out little flickers by my side - and, as always, there is a giant goblet of coffee in a decadent mug from Starbucks, too. 

At the start of November I popped together a feature on Christmas Lusts, focusing on delicate jewellery brand Estella Bartlett. I was drawn in by their minimal designs and sentiment-filled pieces, and I wrote about two pieces which I had picked up from ASOS in mind for two of my closest friends for Christmas.

Estella Bartlett
read my festive words and got in touch, offering me a piece from their freshly launched online store, so that I didn't feel left out of the gifting circle - which has saved my friends from me swiping their presents instead!

The site is well-organised, clear and is an absolute breeze to navigate - there are no gimmicks, no aggravating pop-up questionnaires or prompts to join mailing lists - it just sits quietly, letting you browse beautiful collection after beautiful collection in absolute peace. Which, in a word, is total bliss.

The snowy enthusiast in me was drawn to the March of the Penguins feature that sits neatly on the homepage, but I settled on a dainty Crystal Heart Necklace. What drew me to this was the material - it is composed entirely of 925 sterling silver, and set with a splash of cubic zirconia. When I invest jewellery, longevity is always in my mind, so the material is of utmost importance.

The necklace is unlike anything I own - the majority of my jewellery, although dainty, is flat and plain with absolutely no sparkle. Christmas is a time for indulging and treating yourself and your loved ones to something a little out of the ordinary, so that is what I did with this beautiful piece.

Estella Bartlett's collections span across small, trend-led pieces with quirky designs (my favourite picks are resting with the P's with penguins and pineapples), and stretch over to fine silver and gold plated pieces composed with timeless elegance.

Whether you are picking something out for yourself or scouting elusive Christmas presents, before you look any further flick through the collections at Estella Bartlett, and let yourself be immersed in the delicate beauty of their designs.

How is your Christmas shopping going? I still need to buy for all the men in my family - does anyone have any suggestions?


Icy Snap

Let's talk winter. 

The days are getting shorter; the nights colder and the morning light no longer looks like the start of a new day, but like something that should still be snuggled up and left undisturbed in the midnight hours.

Getting out of bed is hard, cold and confusing - let's make the transition from bedclothes to work clothes a little easier with some help from Joules.

I love outerwear. 

I gravitate towards coats, scarves and hats like a planet in orbit - a planet that regularly collides with items and inevitably purchases them. I'm petite - standing at 5'3 I can easily be swamped by clothes - and if something is too oversized or not structured enough, I become my favourite alter ego of an indistinguishable block of material.

Joules' scarf collection hosts an abundance of nature and woodland inspired pieces - with a choice of material ranging from thin foil-printed cotton straight through to oversized woollen blanket wraps - so no matter what you are looking for, the chances are that you will invariably find it nestled within their extensive stock.  

I found this grey, black and white scarf huddled together with its brightly coloured counterparts in store at Solihull. It has a soft frayed edge with a check design throughout, and is rectangular in shape, so it locks in warmth without adding bundles of bulk. 

It adds a bright shot of white to whatever I am wearing, and suspends me in the belief that I may actually still be in bed - which is something of a miracle.

What is your go-to piece this winter? I am on the hunt for a new bobble hat - do you have any suggestions?

The Fear of Wanderlust

'Wanderlust' is like the boardroom buzzword for Millennials and the dreamers of Generation Y. Three little syllables with the power to enchant and inspire, to evoke the need to travel; to see, to explore. I fit the demographic: I'm 23, out of education and trying to figure out how to write the rest of my life. 
 It seems like the perfect time to catch the itch for wanderlust, right?

..except for the tiny fact that I am totally scared of flying. 

The time I have spent being a passenger in a flying tube is less than the number of fingers I have on my left hand (it's been a monumental three times). For those 14 hours I have spent collecting air miles, I have been scared for a good 840 minutes. Or, more simply put: for the whole time.  

 Getting me to fly somewhere is like getting a child to let go of a lollipop. More often than not, it is not going to happen. Friend's invitations to holidays or suggestions for weekend retreats aren't met with excitement or a giggly whirl of thrill, but with an all-encompassing trepidation and sense of unease. 

Let me reiterate: I am 23, and I am able to travel. I shouldn't have these deep-set fears and worries about dipping over the coast and exploring, should I? How is it that I have already lost the child-like want to discover, to play and navigate without purpose? 

The majority of online content I see is filled to the brim with wanderlust: my Facebook feed is awash with friends who have started their lives again in Australia, New Zealand, or nuzzled deep into South America. And whilst I dozily scroll through their pictures, I'm not met with the same wanderlust-pang as others who comment "I wish I was there". 

 I think I've captured the ability to admire from a distance - I appreciate the gorgeous vistas, waterfalls and overseas cuisine without leaving the ground or consulting my passport. 

I don't know if I am alone with this feeling, or if my body is simply just more cautiously wired than others, but I would love to open a dialogue on this topic, as I feel all I have seen so far is conflicting to my honest opinion - being that I have not been bitten by the wanderlust bug, and I don't think I ever will.

What's your view? Do you long to travel and wander unknown lands, or are you happy to stick to where you are?

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