1am Shopping & Scripts

1am Shopping & Scripts

Late nights + wide awake + the internet and a bank card = damage. 

  Leather Sleeve Khaki Jacket: Forever 21

So this has happened. I'd like to say that it was inevitable, everytime I see this piece on someone's blog I comment saying how much I love it and I want it..I suppose 1am isn't the most sane time to order it, but checking online now to see that my size is now out of stock feeds my guilt a little bit, which is awesome. Thankyou. I also received my script for Romeo and Juliet today. Flip. There's a bunch of lines. Or more like a whole tree. Adsjkls.

flawedfairytale xox 
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  1. gorgeous jacket! nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while hahah, even at 1am

    hello-berry.blogspot.com x x

  2. I love that jacket! I am so tempted to get one now that the craze that seemed to have gripped bloggers all over the world has died down. Also contemplating disco pants. I'm a last season kinda girl.
    Great blog!

    Samma x

    1. Haha yeah, I kinda like being a season behind, then you're not wearing the same as everyone else :)

  3. Nice jacket! U get similar ones from newlook and topshop x

    Chloe xo


    1. Yeah! I was scouting round for ages to find the exact style I wanted :)

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  5. Lovely jacket x


  6. Love thoese types of jackets! Your one is gorgeous!

  7. thank you for the comment you left me on my blog. Lovely jacket! everyone needs a staple black jacket for suree :)
    Hamida X

    1. Awh that's my pleasure! Hahha that's what I keep telling myself..even though I have about ten!! ^.^;

  8. Love the jacket!


  9. It's a lovely jacket so you are certainly not wrong for splurging on it!


  10. You were definitely right to splurge! I have a jacket like this and you can wear it with nearly everything! So that makes it ok :)

    Sophie x



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