Next stop: January sales? ^.^

It's the time of year when the Christmas decorations are slowly shimmying off the walls, the baubles are gently dropping off the tree, and the cats have well and truly destroyed all the tinsel's may be time to shake off the Christmas decor, but is it time to take off our Christmas jumpers yet?

This Christmas saw my siblings and I being gifted with the same Christmas jumper - despite me being a girl, and my two siblings being male, we were all given the same we promptly all wore them and posed for a very awkward family photo. Brilliant.

But am I ready to stop wearing it yet? The answer: no. Although the more blatant prints may be 'out of season,' more subtle nudges to the festive season should not be packed away just yet. Metallic threads, beading, fairisle and indulgently cozy jumpers can still be pulled into 2013..and a massive bonus to this is that shops are throwing their Christmas clothing into the Boxing Day sales, ready for us to pick up! 

 (Starting top right, clockwise) Gold Sequin Panel T-Shirt:
Penguin Beanie Hat: £3.00
Pink Sequin Bow Top (girls): £7.00
 Gold Ruffle Rose Cushion: £6.00
Sequin Panel Top: £14.00
Slipper Boots: £8.00
  All items from

I could not want that penguin beanie more than I do right now..penguins should be celebrated all year round, not just at Christmas!! ^.^;

I hope you enjoy this little selection - and go to a sale now! Take your iPod, plug in your earphones, wear comfy shoes and go in with a clear idea of what you're looking for - that will save you from picking up random items that you later regret - go in with a clear idea of what you want, and achieve it! 

flawedfairytale xox  
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  1. love this selection of goodies! the slippers with! and that hat is so so cute! xx

    1. Ah I completely agree!! It's all way too adorable..!


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