Glamour Model Co Mascara Review

I am a religious buyer of Glamour magazine. Regardless to the £1 or £2 price, free gift or added little booklet, I buy it. Some may call it an obsession (my papery Glamour-fence that is beginning to border my room may agree), but I just class it a 'healthy fascination.' That's cool, right?
I spotted the July 2013 cover politely graced with an array of gifts from Model Co (kohl eyeliner, lip liner, gloss and fibre mascara) and so began the elegant rifle through all the volumes until I found what I was looking for - the mascara. I've tried a few fibre formulas in the past; a (now dusty) Models Own duo which required you to prime your lashes with a white flaky coat before adding the black mascara on top, but seeing that this was an all-in-one swipe and go mascara, I had to try it..

It's in a sleek, angular tube, with a little mirror on the back for easy application - I would have liked a magnifying mirror as that's what I use to apply with, but it's a nice touch nonetheless.

The formula is a bit drier than I prefer with mascaras - but, you can see the little flecks of fibres holding onto the wand, and these transfer very well to the lashes. As expected, there is a bit of fall out over the course of the day with this as the lashes dry out and the fibres shimmy their way down your face, but it's nothing a bit of attention now and again can't solve.

Right lashes with one coat, left lashes with no makeup
I popped one coat on my right-eye lashes, and it drastically lengthened and darkened the appearance of them - I went back over with a second coat just to intensify it a little more, and the fibres seem to adhere a bunch better on the second application, which is nice!

Right lashes with two coats, left lashes with no makeup 
I decided it was an appropriate time to stop looking like I'd made some very high-fashion choice to wear only one side of my face with makeup, so I levelled my eyes out and this was my outcome..
For a £1 mascara, I am pretty happy with this. Have any of you tried any of the other products?! I feel like bulk-buying the July issue was a little bit excessive (even for me!) 

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