Spikes & Crosses

Friends reunited + too many shops + fuelled on coffee and excitement = damage was done..

I always flit between loving statement, chunky necklaces and then swapping frantically to tiny, dainty pieces - so naturally my jewellery stands are littered with a mad array of both. I'm on a dainty phase at the moment (though I spotted a fair few collar pieces that were just incredible today..this phase may not last long..)
(I even got some fancy links for you, how nifty)
Forever 21: sideways cross necklace Topshop: spike necklace

As Topshop seem to revel in repeatedly telling me about their sale, I thought it was only polite to jump in and buy something - I adore this spiked necklace, there's something magical about the mix of rusty, dark amber toned stones wedged between the sharp silver that I just adore - it was £3.25 too, which made me all the more game to buy it! I then fell into Forever 21, and stumbled across this sideways cross necklace. I've seen so many bloggers with beautiful little cross necklaces, and when I spotted this silver gem lurking behind a bunch of gold-toned necklaces, I felt that it was definitely fate and I wriggled it off the stand. Forever 21 never fail to astound me with their prices..and this one was no different, at £2.40 (a far cry from the Fashionology necklace I've been eyeing up for the best part of a year..)

Have you managed to snipe anything wonderful in the sales?!

flawedfairytale xox
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  1. I am so bad in the sales-i literally buy everything!

    the spike necklace is so cute and works so well with your cross necklace!


  2. Love that this is minimalistic w/ a totally badass vibe. And for $3??? What!?

    And yes, like Hannah above, I seriously buy EVERYTHING when it goes on sale. You really realize just how well those damn ads work!

    Great minimalistic look, beautiful jewelry, great price!

    Wish we had a TopShop nearby in the US.


    1. Haha yes!! I couldn't believe it when I picked it up..! x

  3. Love both of these necklaces! So versatile too.

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup


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