Stars Align

It's Monday again. 

There's a thick layer of frost hugging on tightly to the cars outside. I am tucked up in bed hugging on tightly to my duvet. I know what is more appealing at 6am.

I recently discovered the brand Astrid and Miyu through ASOS

A London-based brand with beauty at their heart - literally, Astrid and Miyu are both names meaning 'beautiful' in Swedish and Japanese respectively - create edgy yet classic pieces with the aim not to overshadow the wearer.

I adore astrology.

I popped this little Leo Zodiac Bracelet into my basket and it dropped onto my doorstep the next day (ASOS premier delivery is possibly the best £9.95 I have ever spent). The bracelet has a delicate rose gold chain, with a pale peridot stone sitting on the band. 'Leo' is written in cursive and flows elegantly into the chain, sitting flush against the skin.

I have styled this together with a sterling silver Daisy Jewellery wishbone bracelet. I like the mix of metals and the unobtrusive nature of the pieces - my line of work sees me typing frantically at my laptop, so I like to wear pieces that do not interfere and tap the keyboard more than my hands already do.

This Astrid and Miyu piece is currently in the sale on ASOS, and you can pick it up for £15.00.

What pieces are you enjoying styling at the moment? 

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