It's far too easy to get caught up in fantasy when you're seeking perfection. You need a strong mind to deal with social media - not just when fielding other people's comments and criticisms, but with your own internal voice, too.

I've spoken about this topic on my Instagram recently, and thought it was something that deserved a full write-up (and probably seven more blog posts on top of that). I felt trapped by social media. I was focusing on numbers and statistics - obsessing over my follower count, my post engagement and the frequency of my uploads. But, aside from the digits, what really shook me was that my own desire to create content had left me. I had completely lost touch with what I was doing, who for, and for what reason. And it was horrible.

So I did what I knew how: I posted on Instagram, and admitted to my (freshly depleted) followers how I was feeling. I felt like owning up to it was the only way I could draw a line, and start again. The reaction that followed was unlike anything I ever imagined. The relationships I had forged with total strangers across the globe came to speak up, offering advice and support. It was a post with comments that brimmed with encouragement - and for the first time in a long time, I looked past the numbers and thought about the people instead.

Social media is fickle. Algorhythms get messy, and one post that's just as good as the next gets less engagement for no reason. The figures do not dictate your worth, or your success. When I look over that post, I don't look at the number of likes or the overall total of comments, I read the messages from the actual people who spoke to me. They helped me see the bigger picture - the picture I had lost whilst I was too concerned with why my pictures suddenly weren't doing as well as they once had. 

If you ever feel detached from social media, and feel that you don't know your place - relax. It's totally fine, and happens to more people than you realise. All you can do is stay true to yourself, create content that you are proud of, of things that inspire you. Remember who you started your account for - it wasn't for the thousands of anonymous likers - it was for real people. Stay true to yourself, and your content, and let the numbers fall to the wayside - and remember what is important in this life - and it will always run deeper than how many likes a photo gets.
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