📸 s u n d a y 📸 ••• Here's something a *tiny* bit different... As many of you know, (because I talk of nothing else) I'm just about to finish my Masters' in Creative Writing. I'm currently tying the last knots in my dissertation, and as part of my project I have started to turn my poems into a series of vignettes. The poem is transcribed below - in film, I wanted to capture her inner turmoil in a physical way. I would really love your thoughts, and for you to let me know how it made you feel. Thank you. ❤ ••• sewers eyes down, i’m there: by the sewer – side by side with myself – selfish girl, you ran and you fell – eyes down, i’m there: don’t look – it’s painless and this is quick – a drop from the storm on hellbent eyes – the rain always falls, and so have i – eyes down, i’m there: spitting blood from my lips – it’s not quick, they lied – i still feel, i feel i feel it all – just let me go – eyes down, i’m there, i’m there, i – ••• Shot with an iPhone SE, edited with Splice via GoPro, filmed by my enduring partner in creativity. 🐭 •••
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